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Frequently Asked Questions
  • 1.Quality damage of the product itself : although the sintered stone is a fragile product with high hardness, it does not mean that the home sintered stone is easy to be damaged. Generally good sintered stone is difficult to be damaged even if it is impacted by some external forces.
    Some inferior sintered stones, even after installation or paving, are not affected by external forces, and there are natural cracks. Therefore, when buying sintered stone, it is best to find suppliers with quality assurance. Good sintered stone will not crack, deform and corrode for 30 years.
    2.Transportation damage problems: if the home sintered stone is transported for a long distance, protective measures must be taken. After all, the price of home sintered stone is relatively high.
    When shipping and transporting sintered stones, first, professionals should pack them in wooden cases and mark fragile objects on the wooden cases to avoid damage during handling; Second, select reliable logistics to ensure easy compensation for package loss!
  • As a new type of household material, the sintered stone has been praised as "Ferrari in design", "Guinness in decoration" and "Wolverine in building materials" since it was launched at the Inter Milan Furniture Exhibition in 2016.

    It can be seen that the sintered stone has been highly praised once it is launched. At the same time, as a common decorative green environmental protection material in the whole decoration field, although it has been widely used in the world home market, it was like an emerging thing in the Chinese market at that time.

    In 2018, there were only 7 main sintered stone production lines in China. The industrial chain of sintered stone production and the whole market were not complete and mature, and few enterprises promoted sintered stone products in the industry, so the overall recognition of sintered stone was not very high.

    In 2020, some Chinese ceramic enterprises publicized the concept of "Pan Home", which greatly promoted the application of sintered stone in the whole home decoration industry, and developed many modern and simple black technology products according to the characteristics of sintered stone.

    Subsequently, a large number of manufacturers began to follow up. In 2020, China's sintered stone production lines expanded rapidly, and the number of production lines increased from 16 in March to 108 at the end of December. Within one year, China has become the country with the largest sintered stone production capacity in the world, and the whole field of building ceramics has set off a sintered stone boom.
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