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Perfect Living Room Bring a Good Life to the Whole Family
The living room is a space for balancing life and work. Using earth tones and natural materials gives your living room a relaxing, natural feel.The living room is not only the relaxing place of mom and dad, but also the space for teenagers to play.The living room is the home field of life, also be the entertainment center of the home.
Quality and Beauty
Our sintered stone furniture is both stylish and functional.
Self-designed and Versatility Make Your Room Attractive
Exquisite design and high-end quality, place yourself among them, body and mind can naturally relax. Delicate and cabinet living room, you can see simple sense in detail. You also can enjoy everything you like to do in this living room.
 Express Your Personality with Living Room
Be loyal to your style and show your personality in the living room! Your choice of colors, materials, and decorative items can express your personality.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Yes. As long as you need it, we can customize it for you. Not only can we provide you with furniture, we can also provide you with furniture design and interior design services.
  • 1. It is the most durable surface you can get
    Sintered stone is a matrix of minerals heated (sintered) to form a solid impenetrable mass that results in a surface that cannot be etched, scratched, burned, or stained. Quartz can cower because sintered stone has them backed into a corner performance-wise. So while the market is flooded with copious quantities of quarried quartz, sintered stone stealthily swings in with a superior set of features.
    2. It is Healthy
    Sintered stone is easily cleaned and does not have any resins, most notably petroleum, which is found in quartz. Its structure is bound together by heat and pressure, not resins and plastic, making it a much healthier option. It also has a very low silica content compared to stone and quartz, so it is much healthier to those that cut it and don’t have to breathe in that toxic silica (now being severely regulated by OSHA, finally).
    3. It has Textures and Patterns
    Sintered stones are cast with an inherent texture, and unlike quartz and stone which have to be “blasted” or treated to create a texture, sintered stone has built-in depth, feel and anti-slip properties. The textures are offered at varying levels to impart a warmer feel as a counter or cladding or as a grip for shower floors, pool decks, or flooring.
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