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The office is the center of the business, where everyone collaborates, comes up with ideas, and does all kinds of team building. In the long busy working days, natural sinster stone furniture helps employees balance work and entertainment.
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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Feldspar, kaolin, and other natural minerals are the primary ingredients of sintered stone products. Veining and colour―which are consistent throughout the entire slab―are created with metal oxide pigments.
    The better question may be, “What’s not included?” There are no binders or resins, which means there are no petroleum-based ingredients. There’s another key ingredient that’s not present in sintered stone: silica.
  • The bonding requirements of sintered stone glue are very high. The unstable quality of glue is easy to lead to the failure of the whole sintered stone finished product. What glue is used for sintered stone bonding? What factors determine the quality of sintered stone glue?
    Acrylic glue or special glue for sintered stone shall be used for bonding, because they are seamless, high-strength bonding, high and low temperature resistance, and there is no need to worry about falling off.
    Before sintered stone bonding, the bonding place needs to be cleaned. Dust, stains and unevenness will affect the bonding effect. If it is uneven and needs to be polished, the bonding area should be increased, so as to better bonding.
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