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Multi-style Design to Create Your Own High-quality Furniture
Cold tone, this is a competition of simple style. Hard texture with cool tones is the representative of simple style. Among them, TAULA fully shows the advantages of design, innovation and appearance. With the elaborate design of TAULA, the personalized sintered stone furniture makes your space low-key and luxurious.
Frequently asked questions
  • While many of you already know what quartz is, sintered stone is a newer material that has surfaced in the interior design scene lately. Purportedly the successor of quartz and made with newer technologies, this man-made material is fast gaining popularity for its durability.
  • Due to the superior, compact composition of sintered stone, there is no need to seal it. Meaning no chemicals or toxic components are needed to keep it from being damaged during its lifetime and no annual sealing schedule is required, unlike granite, quartz, marble and other stones.
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Design & Create​​​​​​​
At TAULA, we can create a new era of simplicity for you. TAULA never stop developing, researching and developing new design technologies because we focus on creating a dream space for you. ​​​​​​​
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