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The "Great Wall" represents China, a building on Earth that can be seen from outer space. For two thousand years,The standing Great Wall represents the greatness and perseverance of the Chinese people.
The Great Wall desk series is exactly the yearning of the new generation of Chinese-style desks; fusion of Italian style exquisite fashion.The board is used as a base material with highlevel technology and five-tone application, with minimal lines, rich materials and art exhibitions.The spirit and taste of the current Chinese market leader.

The electrical wiring is integrated into the one-piece front baffle design that is like the "Great Wall", and the use of rock slab material shows the "expensive" and "heavy" of the Great Wall table, not only seeing the innovation of the Chinese-style large desk, but also Seamlessly connecting with the world trend, we are creating: the Chinese style of the world trend.
The Great Wall Series Product Categories
Executive Office Space
  • Executive Desks
  • Bookcases
Staff Office Space
  • Workstations
Conference Room
  • Conference Tables
Waiting Room
  • Coffee Tables
Product Categories
  • Executive Office Desks / Bookcases
Create a stylish executive desk that works as hard as you do. Our executive desk furniture combines functionality and style creating an inspiring work environment.
  • Conference Table
Elegant conference table,It is perfect in every way, and it shows more than just a place to work.
Pay more attention to the visual impact in the office and the effect of mediating the sense of tension. All details are given great attention to guarantee high quality. It is really the essence of first-class quality.
  • Coffee Table
There is only one chance to make a first impression. The coffee table is the first thing guests see when they visit - make sure your setup makes a good impression.
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