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Obsidzan Black

Obsidian combines natural roughness and fineness perfectly, and creates different image-style space with various soft decoration designs. The solemn black spreads a sense of mystery, which is like a faint veil that wraps the environment, and it reveals a wonderful sense of art.

Thicknesses and Finishes

Discover this model's range of thicknesses and finishes and choose which one works best for your space. Each available thickness type indicates the particular use for which it is designed. So that you can make the best decision.

6MM Etched The most versatile thickness. It can be used for indoor and outdoor cladding. It is also suitable for exterior and interior flooring, furniture cladding and cabinets.
12MM Etched  Thickness recommended for kitchen and bathroom worktops.


Easy_to_Clean Easy to Clean
Resistant_or_Scratches Waterproof
Resistant_or_Scratches Resistant or Scratches
Hygienic Hygienic
100%_Natural 100% Natural
Resistant_to_Hight_Temperatures Resistant to Hight Temperatures
Frequently asked questions
  • Sintered stone can be applied according to its thickness in many home decoration scenarios, at present they are the followings:

    •Kitchen countertops:now many kitchen countertops use sintered stone, which are very high in both appearance and texture. There is no need to worry about color seepage like quartz countertops.

    •Bathroom cabinet countertops:bathroom cabinet countertops made of sintered stone can be moisture-proof and anti deformation, antibacterial and easy to clean.

    •Wall paving:the sintered stone slab can be installed on the wall,with light belt,it looks more high-grade and beautiful.

    •Dining table:compared with the solid wooden dining table, the sintered stone dining table is not only easier to clean, not easy to deform, but also has more texture.
  • 1.Choose a good sintered stone brand
    Because sintered stone brands only produce the stone itself and deliver large quantities to downstream processing businesses, and do not make finished home sintered stone products ,thus we actually need to pay more attention to what brand of sintered stone the businesses use.
    2.Pay attention to the equipment and technology of sintered stone processing
    There are three factors that determine the quality of the final product of sintered stone - good mechanical equipment, long-term processing development and the formula of inkjet printing.
    Like some sintered stone head brands, they all use SYSTEM's equipment system. The two production equipment of SYSTEM, high tonnage dieless press and multi-channel digital inkjet machine, are the first choice for high-end players to establish sintered stone production line.
    Due to the expensive price of the equipment system, the price of home sintered stone remains high, so cheap home sintered stone is not necessarily true!
    3.Pay attention to the transportation of sintered stone
    If the home sintered stone are purchased from other places and transported for a long distance, there is a risk of damage. And who is responsible for the damage on the way?
    At present, most logistics companies generally do not bear the risk of damage to vulnerable items, only including loss but not damage. Even if some logistics companies promise to package damage, the actual situation will only compensate a small part of the cost, so choosing a good logistics company also has a certain guarantee.
  • •Smell: the real sintered stone has no irritating chemical smell.

    •Touch: the touch of the bright sintered stone is smooth without particle feeling; the matte sintered stone has fine touch and no sense of frustration.

    •Knock: knock the sintered stone with a key, and the sound is clear and crisp.

    •Scratch: the Mohs hardness of sintered stone is grade 6-7. Scratch with sharp devices, there will be no trace on the surface.

    •Burning: burn the small sample of sintered stone in the fire. The sintered stone will not burn, burst and have no smell.

    •Check: check whether there are quality inspection reports, environmental protection documents, etc.

    If you want a reliable sintered stone supplier as your partner, TAULA is the best option for you. The sintered stones we provide are all real materials!

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