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What is sintered stone?
The sintered stone is made of natural raw materials through special process, pressed with a press of more than 15000 tons, combined with advanced production technology, and fired at a high temperature of more than 1200 ℃. It can withstand cutting, drilling, grinding and other processing processes of large-scale new ceramic materials.
Sintered stone are mainly used in the field of household and kitchen plates. As a new species in the field of home furnishing, compared with other home furnishing products, sintered stone home furnishing has the characteristics of large specification, strong plasticity, diverse designs and colors, high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, impermeability, and so on.
Beautiful to us, good for the environment
TAULA is China' s leading brand which uses only the finest raw materials: certified-origin clay, feldspars and silicon. The sintered surface is made of natural materials through the engineering sintering process, simulating the natural compression and heat of the environment. The sintered surface gives people the illusion of natural defects and unique quality. Sintered stones can look like natural stones, wood, or even smooth surfaces.
Why choose sintered stone?
1. Safety
Sintered stone is a kind of pure natural material, which recovery rate is up to 100%. It also can directly contact with food, which environmental performance is very good.

2.Good anti-pollution and antibacterial effect
The sintered stone has good permeability resistanc. Water basically can not penetrate into the stone, effectively preventing the deterioration of the rock plate, but also to prevent the occurrence of bacterial breeding. And the antibacterial property of the rock plate is as high as 98%, and the antibacterial effect is outstanding.

3. High temperature resistance
The sintered stone has good high temperature resistance. There will be no deformation after contact with high temperature objects and no burning traces on the surface

4. Wear-resisting
The hardness of the rock plate is high, so it has good scratch resistance. Even after many times of detergent use, the surface will still not appear ugly scratches.

Sintered stone can be flexibly customized and deeply machined. It has variety texture, which can be customized according to the user's needs.
Sintered Stone's Characteristics
It will not absorb liquid making it resistant to any stain.
It made from recycled materials.
It will not burn or emit smoke or toxic substances in the event of a fire.
Formats and Thicknesses
3600x1200 (mm)
Without altering its appearance
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