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Unique Materials Create a Different Texture
Spanish-style sintered stone sink design create gorgeous quiet space. A variety of style customization create your high-quality sink. The sink integrates with your sintered stone kitchen countertop to create a unique and harmonious space where you can bake, play and spend time together.
Creativity, Design and Enjoyment
Quality process into the ingenuity and taste​​​​​​​
Do you think that a nice sink will make the kitchen more attractive? Cooking in a clean and comfortable kitchen with a nice sink is a relaxation, not a busy life. This sinster stone kitchen sink is specially designed for people with picky tastes-it is impeccable in style, appearance and cooking function. Who doesn't want to cook delicious food in an elegant kitchen?
Frequently Asked Questions
  • 1.Safety and health: it can be in direct contact with food. It is made of pure natural material. It is 100% recyclable, non-toxic and radiation-free. At the same time, it also fully meets the needs of human sustainable development, health and environmental protection.
    2..Fire resistance and high temperature resistance: with A1 grade fire resistance , home sintered stone will not deform in direct contact with high-temperature objects. It will not produce any physical changes (shrinkage, rupture, discoloration) or emit any gas or smell when encountering an open fire of 2000 ℃.
    3.Pollution resistance: there is no gap on the surface of the home sintered stone. With the water absorption less than 0.05%, water is not easy to penetrate.It can keep the dry surface all the time and is not easy to be polluted.
    4.Scratch resistance: its Mohs hardness is grade 6-7, which can resist scratching and trying to scratch. (The higher the Mohs hardness, the less likely it is to leave scratches on the surface.The hardness of marble is between 2.5-5 and that of quartz is between 5-6.)

    5.Corrosion resistance: resistant to various chemicals, including solutions, disinfectants, etc.

    •Easy to clean: it can be cleaned only by wiping with a wet towel. There is no special maintenance demand. The cleaning is simple and fast.

    6.Universal application: cross the border from decorative materials to applied materials, making more diversified and extensive design, processing and application, and meeting the application needs of high standards.

    7.Flexible customization: the texture of the home sintered stone is rich and diverse, which can be customized according to the needs of users, without limiting the location and space.
  • 1.Potential safety hazards:because the home sintered stone has toughness, its deep-processing products are too brittle, fragile, easy to produce cutting cracks, leading to potential safety hazards.
    2.Fine cutting difficulty:the home sintered stone material is hard, and the fine cutting is difficult, which has certain requirements for the construction technique.
    3.High requirements for transportation:the home sintered stone slab laying is generally a large-area construction, so the protection requirements for the home sintered stone are high and the transportation requirements are also relatively high.
    Here at TUALA, what you can get is not only high-quality home sintered stone but one-stop solutions! You don’t need to worry about anything anymore. We can take care of it all for you!
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