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Discover the Beauty of Simplicity and Functionality
For TAULA, the bathroom sink isn't something you just add on: it plays a leading role of its own. The sink integrates seamlessly with your TAULA bathroom countertop to create a unique and harmonious space where you can create, relax and work in complete freedom. A space where you'll discover that far from being a mere add-on, the bathroom sink has a presence, strength and beauty all on its.
Modern, Beautiful and Practical
Your bathroom is up to you.
It's a pleasure to walk into the bathroom and take a hot shower to relax after a tiring day. The unique bathroom design gives you a different feeling, allowing you to relax and indulge in it.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • There has been a lot of attention drawn to sintered stone of late, with appearances on HGTV and Property Brothers stoking interest in this new countertop material.
    Sintered stone is a new category, not to be confused with large format porcelain tile, which is also trying to elbow its way into the fray, as interest in quartz surfaces begins to wane.
    Most porcelain is printed, because the production processes for porcelain are often based on tile, printing a variety of patterns for small tiles that were seamed together with grout lines, the body of the tile was not a concern, because it was rarely exposed. Scaling this process up to countertop size introduces some issues when it comes to edge profiles and seams.
    One of the other drawbacks of porcelain is that some versions are thin, and they have to be laid up on a substrate, so you are basically getting a porcelain veneer over a wood substrate. Make sure you confirm the thickness of the material, as your current countertop is probably 1-¼” thick, and porcelain products can be as thin as ¼”.
  • Because its healthy and environmentally friendly characteristics, the sintered stone products have made new breakthroughs in specifications, so it has a great competitive advantage. It is widely used in cabinet countertops, closets, bathroom countertops, bathroom cabinets, table tops, desk countertops, etc
    At present, not only the ceramic industry, kitchen and bathroom field, home field are advocating the whole house customization, and more and more consumers are also beginning to like the whole house customization, can highlight the theme, unified style, create a modern, simple, light luxury home space. Through the extension of the industrial chain, the ceramic industry makes it possible to customize the whole house by taking advantage of the product advantages of the rock slab, and makes the sintered stone become another ceramic plate product after the floor tile and wall brick in the home decoration, and then provides consumers with more modern aesthetics and simple and practical home space.
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