Roman Niello for Kitchen Countertop

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Roman Niello for Kitchen Countertop


The new Roman Niello sintered stone collection offers a new taking on veining. Elegant veining patterns can be seen on the surface and throughout the entire thickness of each sintered stone slab. This is achieved during the production of the sintered stone slab, where mineral powders are used to create the “full body” structure, without using resins, inks or other petroleum derivatives, thereby remaining safe and sustainable.

1600x3200x6(mm) 6MM
1600x3200x12(mm) 12MM


The “full body” structure also means that when Lapitec is cut, milled or drilled, the colour and veining do not disappear, allowing creativity and versatility in application with a strong decorative impact.

As such, the product design and versatility of use (indoors and outdoors, and in yacht and nautical environments), as well as the ability to combine technology, environmental awareness and aesthetic research, have contributed to the Roman Niello collection’s inclusion in the prestigious ADI Design Index 2020.

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