New Arabescao Corchia for Kitchen Countertops

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New Arabescao Corchia for Kitchen Countertops

New arabescao corchia

The pure white background color and golden texture add a sense of fashion. The golden texture is rough,bold,romantic,and unrestrained.Between gold and white,it shows elegance.Between square inches,there seems to be another realm,which leaves people with unlimited reverie.After being laid with Top Calaeatta Gold,its space is light and luxurious in form and exudes elegance.In the skin texture and texture of the material,if you look carefully, you can find the hidden elegance and refinement.

1600x3200x6(mm) 6MM
1600x3200x12(mm) 12MM

New arabescao corchia2

As such, the product design and versatility of use (indoors and outdoors, and in yacht and nautical environments), as well as the ability to combine technology, environmental awareness and aesthetic research, have contributed to the Roman Niello collection’s inclusion in the prestigious ADI Design Index 2020.

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