Gold Pimmed Nanmu for Kitchen Countertops

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Gold Pimmed Nanmu for Kitchen Countertops

gold pimmed nanmu

As one of the precious tree species, Gold-rimmed Nanmu produces figures of character and landscape in the sunlight. In order to present the shiny gold wire texture and restore the original charm of wood, TAULA Home selected the exquisite texture section.

1600x3200x6(mm) 6MM
1600x3200x12(mm) 12MM

gold pimmed nanmu2

Gold Pimmed Nanmu is expanding its surface options with the launch of its Locelain sintered stone collection. The new ultra-compact durable surfaces sport a natural stone look, and will be available in multiple sizes, including large-format sheets. Resistant to UV rays, extreme temperatures, scratches and stains, the line will be available in nine colors.

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